Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hercules Trailer

The trailer of Hercules is available here below:

What do you think of this new trailer of Hercules?

Hercules Movie Poster

Here below the official movie posters of Hercules:
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Hercules is the forefather of modern-day comic book superheroes!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hercules Movie Pictures

Here below a few pictures of the movie Hercules:
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Do you like Dwayne Johnson's new hairstyle?

Monday, 7 June 2010

Hercules The Thracian Wars Movie

Hercules MovieThere's a new Hercules movie ahead of us! But not the traditional Hercules, nope, this new Hercules movie will be based on Radical Publishing's comic series 'Hercules The Thracian Wars' written by by Steve Moore: it's a fresh take on the myth of Hercules that goes beyond the usual 12 labors.

Peter Berg was initially set to produce and direct the movie Hercules based on a script by Ryan Condal, but there's been a change of plan it seems: according to IMDb Peter Berg is now only producing, and Scott Derrickson (who once brought us The Day The Earth Stood Still) is taking over the film's direction. The film is listed for a release in 2011.

Plot of Hercules The Thracian Wars:
"Nearly 3200 years ago, Hercules is a tormented soul walking the Earth as neither man nor god: Hercules, powerful son of the god-king Zeus, and for this he received nothing but suffering. Following the 12 arduous labors and the loss of his family, Hercules turned his back on the gods, finding solace only in bloody battle as a mercenary hired by the King of Thrace. Will Hercules ever find redemption and peace?"

I kind of expect this new Hercules movie to somehow look like a combination of the hyper-violent movie 300 and the impressive film Troy.

Anyway, I hope to get more details about the movie Hercules The Thracian Wars soon!